Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Project Life: App Layouts

Who knew that the last layout I posted would be my last paper layout? Certainly not me. I have been scrapping my 2015 and 2016 photos using the Project Life App. Game. Changer. I can scrap on the couch, in the car, at a soccer game. Two years after the event or while it is happening. All the time I spent agonizing over the perfect paper and embellishments is now spent tapping on photos and cards. I love it! Here are a few of my favorite pages that I made this month.

Sick Day
I took my little man to the doctor's office today. To pass the time, I snapped a few pics and created a page to document the event since recently I created a page about his faking being sick. Ha ha. I used Template A and two kits: Boys Rule and Honey Edition.

Valentine's Day
I was able to create this layout before the holiday had even ended. Being able to relive the occasion was a lovely end to the day. Again, I used Template A and the Honey Edition kit.

Third Grade: Left
The App has revolutionized my scrapbooking. It is SO much faster and more fun. In fact, it has even motivated me to create a School Album for each of my kiddos. I started with the current year and will work backwards, which really helps me get started. This layout is for my youngest. I will just create however many pages that I need to include all the pictures for each grade level. For this first page, I used the Big Shot 12 Template and the School Themed Cards.

Third Grade: Right
This is the second page of my youngest's album. I used Template A and the School Themed Cards. I may go back and add a journaling card to this one instead of a filler card. One day I may not remember what the pictures show. Still thinking about that.

Gulf Shores 2015: Left
I decided to limit my beach vacation layout to two pages since we go to the same place every year and the pictures are all pretty similar. LOL I used Template A and the Hi Sunshine Kit for both pages.

Gulf Shores 2015: Right

 Buster and Scooter
Puppies!!! I had to include a page about our visit to see my aunt's puppies. This page will be in addition to our weekly layouts. Why not when it is SO easy to create them. This is the Design F Template and the Dogs Themed Cards.

Thanks for popping in today. If you like Project Life App pages, come back and see me soon. I have LOTS more to share. LOL


theresa moxley said...

Hi, I just wanted to pop in and say hello and it's nice to meet you! Your layouts look fantastic (last year's and this year's with the App!) I think I need the Hi Sunshine cards now.... hehe.
~Theresa (larkindesign)

Kim Robinson said...

Hi, love the clean look of the project life app but I just started using the physical project life in 2015 and have gone a little crazy with my shopping! Lots to use up. Your LOs are gorgeous! Paper and digital ❤️

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