Monday, November 17, 2008

Recent Layouts

My two cuties decked out in Halloween shirts and shoes (did you see those Crocs?) at the Pumpkin Patch.

Could he have found a larger pumpkin? It's bigger than him. He's a hoot!

My one year old tasting the weeds. I love that red hair shining in the sun!

I think I finally got a photo that showcases my toddler's bright blue eyes.

I love photos of my two boys all snuggled up together, faces touching, big smiles! They're my favorite.

Right before kickoff of the first LSU game and I whip out the camera to catch my family all geared up.

Playing in a box! Kids, hun? I love the colors in the pictures; they almost look Sepia.

He's only 16 months old, but he's starting to look about 3! I can't stand it.

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