Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My First Blog Award

How fun is this! Ms. Heather Bares, a talented friend from the Treasured Memories, has awared me the Your Blog is Fabulous award. Now, I had a suspicion that my blog was fabulous before Heather tagged me, but this certainly seals the deal. :-) The duty of the recipient is to list her five addictions and then tag five more worthy winners.

Hmm....five addictions...how about my top five scrapbook addictions...

1. Sketches
2. Bling
3. Jenni Bowlin journaling cards
4. Scrapbook blogs
5. Clustering

Now on to the next five winners. Drumroll, please....

1. Frances--my bestest friend--Forever and a Year
2. Amy--cutie patotie teacher at TM--Somethings Unique
3. Angela--administrator at Scraproom--Up Close & Personal
4. Danielle--hilarious!!!--Life, One Layout at a Time
5. Suzanne--yummmmmm!--Creating Post It Notes

Be sure to check out the fab five's blogs by clicking on the link. And, fab five, pass on the love! Thanks, Heather


Frances said...

I agree with Heather, your blog is totally fabulous! I think it fits your personality...from the cute butterflies, 10 tiny toes, and the faces of your two adorable boys. Oh, did I mention your scrapbook layouts are also fabulous! Great job...and thanks for passing on the honor!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much. This is too cool. I think you are definatly
"The bomb.com",
You rock and all that jazz. I love your blog and love your style. Can't wait to get more inspiration from you.

Denise said...

I just found your blog(by way of Heather's, by way of 2peas!!!).

You are so talented. Love your pages!

Anonymous said...

Hello again, hey thanks for the award now I would like to share 2 more awardswith you check out my blog for details.

Danielle Wycough said...

You are too sweet. Thanks so much! YAY!!! I love your blog, it is so fantabulous!! {{Hugs}}