Monday, January 26, 2009

Valentine Bag Toppers

So, this is what I did today! Yeah, I know, stay-at-home momma has too much time on her hands, but it really was fun. They are little treat bags for my boys to take to school on Valentine's Day. They were super easy and didn't cost me a thing because I used my stash! It only took about an hour or so. Now I just have to fill them all up with M&M's (for the eight year old) and Goldfish (for the one year old). It'll take my eight year old from now until his Valentine's party to get all the names written on there--he piddles.


Lisa F. Hebert said...

Hi Aphra,
The bags are to cute. The kids will think they are extra special getting these. Can't wait for the next meeting.


Anonymous said...

Aphra these are great. I love these bags great idea. great special treat. way better than store bought.

Frances said...

Love are so creative! After seeing them I could be persuaded to do them...too cute.

Heather Bares said...

these are adorable!!!

Kimo(don)2 said...

Hi Aphra,
We have not met yet but I have heard and read so much about you. You are EXTREMELY TALENTED and I can't wait to see your work in person. My name is Monica and I hang out at TM, too. Well, welcome and have an AWESOME year on Design Team!
PS- these bags ROCK!