Monday, February 2, 2009

Monthly Sketch Book

In January I created a sketch booklet for my bff Frances and I to use while scrapbooking at Tresured Memories in Lafayette. It contained a small picture of all my favorite sketches for the month complete with due dates and prizes. We found it so useful that we used it the entire month.

With some prodding from Frances, I agreed to make one each month. I thought I'd share them with all my blog friends. If you'd like a copy, just click on each picture below and print. All of the blogs and sites mentioned can be found in my blog list if you'd like to upload your completed page.

Check back in the middle of the month for updates. Enjoy, and leave me a comment if you print it out!


Frances said...

I am so excited...I love it! You are such a dear friend.


Anonymous said...

This is pretty cool. I did my first page map the other day for Page Maps February contest. I think I love them. Great Idea.

Lan said...

I love sketches and there'a a couple here I haven't seen, great idea!

Kim said...

ahh! so cool! thanks so much for sharing!!!!!