Sunday, October 25, 2009

The "Punkin" Patch

Yesterday, we went to the pumpkin patch. The weather was glorious, sunny and mid-60's. All the fat, squatty pumpkins greeted us kindly. Aren't they sweet?
So, my toddler's plan was to get as many pumpkins as he could carry even though all week long, he declared that he needed "just one punkin." It's never just one, is it? LOL!

And then my older guy wanted the biggest pumpkin in the place. He could barely carry it. Do you see the grunt on his face? *laugh* Anyway, I told him I was not paying $16 for some old deformed pumpkin just because it was the biggest one. I told him how about he find the most perfect pumpkin. Nope, he set out to find the smallest. Stubborn.

Then, they finally sat still long enough for me to take one sweet photo.

All in all, I took about 30 photos at the patch, and I'll probably want to scrap every last one of them. *smile* Thanks for stopping by!


Diana Waite said...

what SWEET pictures! I can see something cute coming from them!!

Jess said...

totally darling their outfits also...perfection!

Unknown said...

i love punkin patch pics - these came out beautiful!!

Wendy Smith said...

just lovely..the colours are divine in these pics

Lydia said...

Aphra the boys t- shirt as so cool!!

Michelle said...

Hey Aphra!! Glad you had a great time at the patch!! Typical kids!! LOL We actually grew our own this year. Oh so much cheaper!! The kids (DH included!!) had a great time watching them grow. We planted two plants and got 12 punkins!! :) Will be fun carving them up later this week!