Friday, July 23, 2010

Rock Your Stamps!

Hi there, Scrappers! I'm guest blogging at Imaginisce today. Woot woot!

Ok, I know you don't know me very well, but I feel the need to get something off my chest. Every month or so, the folks at Imaginisce send us Design Team girls a ginormous box of goodies. And every box contains about six stamps per line. So far, I've amassed a whopping 72 PRECIOUS stamps.

I ooohhh and ahhh over their cuteness every month. And then I pack them up and put them in my super special Imaginisce stamp box. They are vintage . . . never been used . . . in mint condition. Probably not what Imaginisce had in mind, hun?

So, when Lori asked me to guest blog, I thought I might push the envelope a little and actually use one of my stamps. Hey, maybe even two. Since I don't have any Copic markers or watercolor pencils and my ink box mostly consists of black and brown, I had to come up with something a little different. That's where the i-rock comes in. Here we go.

First, gather your supplies.

Next, stamp your image onto a piece of neutral cardstock.

Arrange your crystals along the lines of the image.

Set the crystals with your i-rock.

Embellish and add to your project.


Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you'll try rocking out your stamps. See you soon!


Kathy Martin said...

Creative way to deck out your pumpkin without Copics or pencils! :)

Melinda Spinks said...

I know what you mean in regards to the Snag-em Stamp collection... I've emassed quite a few too. Great use of the i-rock and the stamps Aphra... clever you!

mustangkayla said...

Oh, what a fabulous idea! I'm quite envious of your stamp collection! Imaginisce has so many cute cute stamps!

LisiB said...

Absolutely love the idea!

Quick question: My DD's favorite T shirt is loosing the blings. Would the i-rock work on fabric as well?
Thanks for letting me know

Wendy said...

omgoodness great technique, will have to try this in one o fmy classes. still never got a working irock. i need to contact lori again.