Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ribbon Rings, Glass Jars, and Shoe Bags

It's Organization Week at Really Reasonable Ribbon. LOTS of great ideas for storing ribbon and LOTS of great prizes. I am excited to share three ways that I organize my ribbon and trims. First, I'd like to show you my Ribbon Ring.

I've organized my ribbon by color. On my first set of rings is my neutrals, then reds and pinks, then oranges and yellows, then blues and greens. On the last set of rings are the patterned ribbons.

A great feature of the ribbon rings is that you can fit several different strips on one tab. In fact, the fuller the tab is, the better the ribbon stays in place.

In addition to my ribbon rings, I also use various glass jars for organizing my ribbon scraps, trims, and twine. I have three large jars and one medium jar, all of which I found in the kitchen gadget department at Wal-Mart. Two of the large jars hold my ribbon scraps, ranging from just a few inches long to a foot or so long. This medium jar holds my embroidery thread and baker's twine wrapped on plastic cards.

This third large jar holds my trims and ribbon that is still wrapped. The tulle is wrapped on medium sized shipping tags. Those are fabulous for organizing ribbon. You can tuck the end of the ribbon or trim through the hole at the end.

Last, but not least, is my over-the-door shoe bag. Again, a Wal-Mart find. In two compartments, I store my ribbons that are still on the roll. I love that you can store several rolls in one section and easily see what you have. In the larger compartment, I store my crop bag. I use a gallon size Ziplock bag to store the extra ribbon that doesn't fit on the Ribbon Ring. I put about a yard on the ring, trim the rest, and put it in this bag. Then, when I go to a crop, I just take this bag with me.

Hope you've found some ways that you can better organize your ribbon. There are tons more ideas over at Really Reasonable Ribbon, along with LOTS of amazing prizes. Be sure to go take a peek and leave a comment to be entered into the drawing.

Have a great day!


doverdi said...

Great ideas for storing ribbon. I have mine wrapped on clothes pins & stored in jars by color. I still have lots of ribbon that isn't wrapped & need a better way to store it. TFS!

mustangkayla said...

Great ideas!

The Autocrat: Haley said...

Looks great! I don't think there is every a "easy" way to organize ribbon . .. its all so different. All of these ideas are wonderful!

Sharon said...

Great idea to hang your rings from the wrought iron hanger!

Mark Dawson said...

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