Friday, September 9, 2011

Potato Head Parade

Happy Friday!  I'm excited today is Friday for a different reason this week.  My little man has been attending Pre-K full time this week, and I'm kinda missing him.  "Stay-at-home-days" (as he so aptly called them) are few and far between now, so I'm looking foward to a couple of days at home with my two boys.  Nothing special . . . a little TV, backyard time, toys, a movie, maybe even a parade.  Here's a layout of Ethan enjoying a Potato Head Parade during a stay at home day back in May.

Let's Play

Do you see all the Potato Head People lined up on the coffee table?  Yep, that's the parade.  Ha Ha!  I love that 4 year old.  Too cute!

I used my Toy Story Cricut cartridge and Echo Park's Little Boy papers for this one.  Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head were just too darn cute!  My cut list is below.

Thanks for stopping in today.  Have a great weekend!

Toy Story -- Mr. Potato Head

MrPtato2-s @ 4"
MrPtato2-s Layer 1 @ 4"
MrPtato2-s Layer 2 @ 4"
MrPtato2-s Layer 3 @ 4"

Toy Story -- Mrs. Potato Head

MsPotato @ 4"
MsPotato Layer 1 @ 4"
MsPotato Layer 2 @ 4"
MsPotato Layer 3 @ 4"

Toy Story -- Let's Play Title 

ToyStory Icon @ 2"
TyStry-s Icon @ 2"

Plantin Schoolbook -- Title Mat

blast @ 4"

** For some reason, blogger will not leave the carrot symbols on either side of the cuts, so I just typed the cut titles without them.  Grrr . . .


Unknown said...

This is just darling!!!!! Hang in there it gets easier. My baby started college last month. Where does the time go?

Kim said...

Aphra, your photos are just amazing!!!! You know I love the layout, but I am in awe of the sharp!!!!! Guess I better invest in Adobe photoshop!!!!!

Kathy Martin said...

Gotta love Mr. Potato Head! My son used to try to make the most unusual potato head he could dream up! Love this page and your son is soooooo flippin' cute! :)

Abby Beard said...

omgosh, this is just too cute!! I love the design and the photos are adorable :) I really need to get this cart!

I can relate to how you feel.. my only child started Jr High this month.. it seems just yesterday he was in pre-k.. where does the time go?

Emily D. said...

Too darn cute!!! I love this layout!!!!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

oh my this is just way too cute!

thanks so much for stopping by my blog today (siehled with kiss) and taking the time to write such a kind comment on my doodlebug cards post. I would be honored if you stopped by again sometime! thanks again!

Christy said...

Toooooo cute!!!!

mustangkayla said...

So cute! LOVE the title! So perfect! My kiddos love to parade their potatoes heads on my scrap table! :-)

Rhonda Van Ginkel said...

This is so sweet Aphra! I just love those cute photos and the Toy Story cartrige worked perfectly on here!!!

Your little guy is just adorable and loves his Potato buddies just as much as mine does!!!

Tammy E. said...

This is just too darn cute! Makes me want to buy a Mr. Potato Head for my grandson, and that cartridge so I can make a layout! LOL.

Unknown said...

Very cute. I love the photo of the "parade." What a cute little guy you have. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog, too. I was honored that you stopped by!

June Houck said...

Perfect cute. Your photos are amazing too!

Beth Hallgren said...

Love those tator heads! How did you get such gorgeuous photos? Spill :)

Unknown said...

Just as cute as can be! Amazing!!!

allreddesign said...

Aphra your little man is so stinking cute...I noticed him before the awesome potato head cut outs. Love it!!

Lana Bisson said...

Oh this is so sweet. I love taterhead... So adorable.. gives me inspiration for the Rockem socket robot pics of hubby an grandson.