Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project Life: Week One

You may remember from THIS POST that I decided to join in on Project Life this year.  My supplies arrived in November, and ever since then I've been surfing the Internet (mostly Pinterest and Becky Higgins' blog) looking for different ideas about getting organized, setting up the album, keeping up, etc.  There is a LOT of inspiration out there.  I decided to keep it simple -- since that was the appeal to me in the first place.  I gathered together all the Core Kit contents and a few items from my stash and created this little Project Life bucket.

And then this weekend, I made the title page and first week's spread.  It is very simple.  Maybe even too simple.  I figure once I get the hang of this method of scrapbooking, I can go back and embellish these pages if I still feel the need to.  Anyhoo, here they are!

After seeing Lisa Dickinson's title page HERE, I really wanted to make one just like it.  However, I didn't have a page protector with the same size openings, I didn't have a picture of all four of us together, and I didn't want to stress over the very. first. page.  So, I used what I had.  And I like it just as well.  Wanna know why?  Because it took me about ten minutes and I just love the pictures I chose.  However, if you have any suggestions on how to dress up my 2012 card, I'm all ears.

As you can see from my date card, I am planning to create a double page spread for each week of the year; however, I am not planning to take a photo every day.  I know that will not happen.  So, I plan to take whatever pictures I want and then I'll figure out how to make it work for the album.  The first pictures I printed were the eight center pictures from a trip to the park.  I always take a ton of pictures at the park, and I usually create a bunch of separate layouts using those pics.  SO glad to have them all here in one spot.  Then, I scanned in a note from my oldest to my youngest, printed it, and paired it with a journal card.  And finally, I added a picture that I took at the movies.  I also added a picture of the movie poster that I downloaded.  Easy!

For this right side, I added four pictures of an Uno game along with the score sheet.  My oldest totally changed the rules and ended up winning with 2,000,189 points.  LOL!  I also added a couple of pictures of the boys chowing down on some pizza and soft drinks -- they were crazy excited to actually get to drink a whole can of soda.  And then lastly, I added a journal card labeled This Week with a little run down of what all the pictures are about. 

I would have liked to add some stickers or stamps to the journal cards, but I'm not really sure where.  Or what.  Or if it's really necessary.  So, I'm waiting to see.

Are you doing Project Life?  If so, I'd love to see your pages or hear any tips/tricks you have to offer.  Leave me a comment . . . invite me over to your blog.  Us Lifers gotta stick together!  Ha ha!


Lisa Dickinson said...

you are off to an awesome start! and i love your title page and the vibrant colors! and your PL basket?!? so fun!! :)

blueskygirl said...

Hi Aphra!
I am also doing project life, but keeping it mostly simple as that is the whole point!! I am behind in my pics since 2009, so I am going back and putting all those pics in a PL album according to year. I did not take them acc to the week, so I don't label them that way. I just put them in chronologically. I already had scrapped some 2 page layouts (bday, Christmas etc) so I just put those in a page protector and put them in the album chronologically.
For the PL pages, I am not doing too much with. Mostly just put the pics in the pages and write the story on the little cards. I am loving this. Occasionally I will use a sticker from my stash to put on the cards. I can still be creative and do some layouts, if I choose to. But can totally get all my pics out of the boxes, so my family can enjoy them. They want to see the pictures, not how many embellishments or pattern papers I could use in 2 pages!!
I just finished my 2009 PL album and am half way through 2010 AND so far have kept up with taking pics for 2012. I am not necessarily taking a pic a day, but trying to get 6 or 7 a week. Since I haven't printed any of those yet, I am writing in a journal any notes about particular pics.
In the past, I mostly took pics of big occasions, but this year am trying to be more intentional of capturing the everyday. I don't have a blog but I do enjoy seeing what others are doing with their pics!
I am also finding since I am taking a simpler approach, when I do make a layout now, I don't stress over it. I comes together so much easier and this motivates me to keep getting my pictures in the album.
Question: How do you get wallet size prints? When I go to print, I don't see that size as an option?
Good luck as you embark on this journey!

Melody said...

Love your cute bucket! Great idea.

sarah said...

beautiful aphra! :)

happy thursday, my friend!