Friday, May 4, 2012

Yee haw! It's Foto Friday!

Last weekend this little buckaroo celebrated his 5th birthday with a cowboy-themed backyard birthday party.  There were hats, bandanas, pistols, holsters, and badges for everyone.

We even had a sheriff, just in case anyone got out of hand.  Trust me, nobody wanted to mess with this guy!  I mean if the cap gun or plastic handcuffs weren't enough to scare you straight, that peel-n-stick mustache surely would.  More Groucho Marx than cowboy.  LOL!

The Chuck Wagon (aka eight foot fold-up table) was full of yummy snacks, including some deLISHous chocolate and peanut butter cupcakes from the new bakery down the road.  Having cupcakes was SO much easier to serve!  And I loved how they looked with the little sheriff's badges on top.

We had a few games.  The kids' favorite was definitely panning for gold, a bunch of spray-painted rocks at the bottom of a storage box filled with sand.  

A few outlaw friends came by.  The one in the blue shirt kept giving me the stink eye every time I pulled out the camera.  He was taking his part pretty seriously.  SO cute!  Oh and there was also a crazy uncle in the mix.  That one kept stealing the kids' pistols.  I had to sick the sheriff on him a couple of times.

After cupcakes and root beer and a couple of hours of running around the backyard, I ran all the outlaws out of town and threw these two in jail.

We had a great time!  And all the planning and preparing kept me from thinking too much about how my baby boy is FIVE.  Not happy about that.  At.  All.

Have a great weekend!


Michelle said...

Oh that is too funny!! I love the Jail!! hee!hee! Great photos!! What a great birthday party!! Yeah, it is hard on the mama's when their little ones grow up. I am not liking it either.

scrappymo! said...

He is just so darn cute!!!
What a great party...Treasure these moments as they fly by too quickly!