Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Preppin' for Project Life

Today I wanted to share with you all how I organize and prepare for Project Life.  This might be most helpful for those of you (like me) who are working with older photos or trying to get caught up.  I actually started Project Life in January 2012 but didn't make it past Week Three.  (You can read about that whole debacle HERE.)  Anyway, here is my method.

The first and most time-consuming thing that I do is gather and edit the photos.  I created a folder on my desktop labeled Project Life Pictures.  Within that folder, I created a folder for each month.  Then I bring in a copy of all the pictures that I can find from iPhoto, Facebook, Instagram, and my iPhone.  Once all the pictures are in the folder, I edit them and save them here.  

Next, I draw out a plan.  My planner is a plain ole one subject notebook.   (There are some really nice printable planners/templates online.  I have some in my Project Life Board HERE at Pinterest.)  I use one page per week to list the pictures that I have and decide which page protectors work best with those photos.  Then I sketch out the page protectors and determine which photos will go where.  This plan also helps me determine how the photos need to be printed.

Then, I print the photos and put them in the divided page protectors.  Because I take so many vertical pictures, I have to convert a lot of them to 3x4.  Luckily, I found THIS awesome Ali Edwards' tutorial for putting two 3x4 images on a 4x6.  

Recently, I have learned how to print pictures directly from my iPhone, so my method is going to now include that step as well.  THIS TUTORIAL at My Sister's Suitcase is great for showing you how to create two 3x4 pics in a 4x6 frame on the iPhone.  Then, instead of sending the pics to Costco (we don't have one in my area), I printed mine at WalGreen's using their iPhone app.  EASY!!!  And such a time saver.

This is the process that I've worked out after completing January's and February's spreads.  So far, so good.  I already have March's pictures in the page protectors just waiting for my ScrapRoom kits to arrive.  I am SO excited to see the brand new Project Life Add-On that Tammy is releasing this month. Be sure to check it out HERE!  


Tamika said...

Thanks for sharing those tips Aphra I have been trying to get on The Scrap Rooms band wagon for doing Project Life and like you I started last year and only did 3 pages. I have tried to focus my mojo to do a page every Wednesday so far I can't stop working on my layouts but, hopefully with the gals in the forum I will continue to be inspired!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aphra, thanks for the tips. My biggest problem with PL is that I do a great job finding the photos and fillers for a two page spread and then have trouble finding the right photos/items to go into the BACK of the right hand page protector - the page protectors that work well for one week often don't work for the following week if that makes any sense.

scrappymo! said...

Your organized method sounds great.
So far i don't do PL but plan to start next year when my last grandchild goes to school.
Currently we walk the eldest to school and then i watch the little guy till his Dad gets home.

Next year will free up so much time as he will start all day kindergarten!

Will you add these directions and ideas to your pinterest board...I have a PL board that I am saving ideas on and I will follow and repin from you...

Ladybug68 said...

I am so happy to read this post!! I am not very tech swavy and was wondering about how to develop my Iphone pictures!!

One question. how do you get the pictures of your layouts on your blog? I tried to take a recent layour pic with my phone to put o n my blog but I was afraid it would look bad. I am new to all of this!

Aphra Bolyer said...

Hi there Ladybug68,

I take pics of layouts etc for my blog outside in indirect light, often on a white foam core poster. I stand directly over the layout and then crop/edit in Photoshop. To upload to my blog, I do the post on my computer. It would be nice if I could post from my phone, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet. Best wishes, Aphra