Saturday, September 28, 2013

Project Life: Tiger Fans

Happy Saturday to ya!  Here at my house we are busy doing our chores so that we can be finished before the LSU football game starts this afternoon.  At that time, we'll be having a coffee table tailgate and cheering on the Tigers.  And since today is game day, I thought I'd share a Project Life page that I created using pictures from an impromptu photo shoot last fall at about this same time.

Project Life: Tiger Fans

I absolutely LOVE all these pictures so I had to include as many as possible in a spread.  There weren't many LSU themed scrapbook supplies for me to choose from, so I used my Cameo to create a chevron card and a Tiger paw.  The rest of the embellishments were just cut from the paper that I had.

What's a photo shoot without some outtakes, right?  I always have a ton of kooky pictures that really capture my kids' personalities, so I include them in the book.  One day they'll see how silly they were.  LOL

Ok, I'm off to start cooking some appetizers for the game.  Hope you enjoy your Saturday!  See you soon with some more Project Life pages.

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