Saturday, January 18, 2014

Project Life 2014 Title Page

I am so glad today is Saturday, and that I got to play in my scrapbook room last night.  It was a long week at work, so getting to play with paper was a very nice stress reliever.  Today, I want to share my Project Life 2014 Title Page that I finished last night as well as my "rules" for this album.

Bolyer 2014

I didn't plan on my title page having a beach theme.  It just sort of happened.  Here's how. About a week before Christmas, I received my order of beach pictures that we took last summer.  After I decided which ones to give as gifts and which ones to frame, I was left with a nice stack of leftovers.  I wasn't sure what I would do with them, so I tucked them away in my scraproom.  When I pulled out my new Becky Higgins album, I decided to make the title page match the green and cream chevron cover.  That's when I remembered these photos.

Rule #1 for my 2014 Project Life album is to Use My Stash.  I dug through my papers looking for shades of light blue and sea foam green.  I found a ton of fun patterns in the My Mind's Eye and Adornit stash.  I knew that I wanted to use some more of these Studio Calico Restroom People wood veneers.  Then, I remembered that I had bought some Pink Paislee beach themed wood veneer several years ago.  That's where the starfish came from.

Rule #2 is Keep It Simple, so I didn't embellish much.  I finished off the title page with some more wood veneers from my stash and called it a day.  I was super thrilled when the teeny tiny numbers fit in the space of the B.  That discovery helped keep my title card streamlined.

And my last rule, Rule #3, is Do Monthly Spreads. I plan to use as many Design A Page Protectors and Inserts as I need. For me, that means simple (see Rule #2) and less stress.  After the end of the month, I plan to edit and order my photos and work on my January page or pages.  I'll be back to share then.

Do you have any rules or processes to share for your Project Life album?  I'm always open to ideas that help me get my pictures in the album.


Michelle said...

I love this... so pretty!! It is neat how the little numbers fit in your letter. :) I like your "rules" for your PL. I am using #1 and #2 for myself in my scrapbooking this year. ;) Hope you have a good, quiet and restful weekend. Are you off Monday? Kids are here, but they are making the teachers work. :/ Feel bad for the teachers.

L.B. said...

a wonderful start!! Love the wood letters

Amy said...

This is adorable! I love your use of embellishments without it feeling crowded or overwhelming. Just beautiful!

Amy said...

This is adorable! I love your use of embellishments without it feeling crowded or overwhelming. Just beautiful!