Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Project Life: Back to the Books

Today, I have a quick share from this time last year when I redecorated and reorganized my classroom. As you can see from the pictures, there is a LOT of green in my room. Carpet, cabinets, walls, desks. Even the blinds were green, but I swapped them out for white. To make it a bit more tolerable, I brought in some cute borders that included the green and lots of other fun colors. Then, I spread those colors around the room. Much better!

The October Afternoon Public Library collection that came in my kits included that same green as well as the pops of red, yellow, and green that I included in my room. What luck!

Back to the Books

Well, like I said, a quick share. I'm back at work this week. UGH! But at least my room is cute. LOL See you soon!

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Michelle said...

This is so great. It works so well with your photos. I can't wait to see your room this year. :) Have a great school year, my friend.