Monday, November 9, 2015

Project Life: Fall Favorites

Oh November, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. 1. Soccer 2. Mums 3. Changing Leaves 4. Door Decor 5. Cooler Weather 6. Family Time Since that is what I love most about Fall, that is what I tend to take pictures of. Here are some of my fall favorites from this time last year.


Technically, soccer here is not called "Football," but I really wanted to use that bright yellow tag. LOL!

Scrapbooking about scrapbooking. Ha ha! The above photo is a collage of some Stampin' Up pages that I created for my 2011 album. To see the entire page, click on the Stampin' Up label in the side bar.

I finally used my days of the week / date stamp. I love the font and how it kept my journaling organized. Tammy carries a ton of stamps that you can use on your Project Life cards. Check out that page HERE.

I am so glad you stopped by again today. Hope to see you soon!

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Catherine1216 said...

Great fall pictures and I love how you put them together.